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Projects Development and Management

The Business Domain of Projects Development and Management is, for LEB, a natural complement of the Constructions Performance Analysis, since it is mainly directed for Projects about Strengthening and Repair of existing constructions, either the recent ones, built in reinforced concrete, steel or wood, or the ancient, in masonry or stone walls.

LEB appeals to the most advanced programs of automatic calculation, that need to be, in each and any case, compatible with the kind of construction to be analysed, so that the most adequate evaluation of its performance is obtained, not only in terms of its resistant capacity, but also about its durability concerns, following the recent recommendations of the European Comitee of Normalization (CEN).

Particularly regarding structural strengthening of recent constructions, and mainly the ones built in reinforced concrete, LEB has implemented a system that implies the maximum exploitation of the its resistant capacity, under the revolutionary concept of "capacity design", with the most adjusted control of the ductility when using the technique of redistribution of bending moments and shear forces. These Projects also includes, when both technical and economical maters justify, the addition of last generation materials, as epoxy plastics reinforced with aramida, glass or carbon fibres.

In the case of ancient structures, LEB Projects are ruled by the maximum respect to the contents of the Historical and Architectonic Valued Constructions Rehabilitation International Letters and particularly by the ICOMOS "Recommendations For the Analysis, Conservation and Structural Restoration of Arquitectural Heritage", dated of 2003, May.

LEB aims to privilege the best well-taken care in the presentation of the drawings, particularly its details, and feels obliged to include a direct and objective "link" to the specification of the systems and products to be used, because believes that resistant and durable constructions result of the best combination between principles of the well applied Physics of the Materials and the perfect acknowledgement of the Mechanics of the Structures.