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Inspection of Buildings and Bridges

The Business Domain that regards the Inspection of Buildings and Bridges is strictly related to another to LEB Business Domains, namely those that consists on the Consulting on Constructions Performance Analysis and on the Projects Development and Management, since the tasks involved in these Inspections are, many times, the first stage of the works to be done on those other Areas.

Nevertheless this Domain often has its own life, thus enabling LEB the opportunity to develop, in a straight and objective way, since it is done on site and not in a model construction, methods for the research on the constructions characteristics using last generation equipments.

LEB has been elaborating, throughout these years, detailed techniques to allow the reliable treatment of the data obtained in these inspections and tests, in order to offer the maximum guarantee and the faster analysis of the structures. In this sense, had decided to acquire the following set of equipments:

  • Schmidt Controls Hammer;
  • Hilti FerroSCAN RV10;
  • Laser Measuring Hilti PD 25, with aiming of long reach for infra-red ray;
  • System for measurement and register of the percentage of moister in solids Protimeter BLD5800-LH;
  • Elix Multimeter my-64;
  • Phenolphtalein based solutions sprays;
  • Pachymeters;
  • Cracking scales;
  • Fast drilling equipment;
  • Mullers, chisels, brushes and geologists hammers;
  • Hammers of geologist;
  • Rigid metric scales;

LEB equipment is systematically subjected to all the required maintenance procedures that includes its revision and calibration, carried through by the proper Manufacturers and/or entities for the effect certified.