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Consulting on Constructions Performance Analysis

The exercise of Consulting on Constructions Performance Analysis could be characterized by an intervention performed in three or four acts:

  • analysis of the available original documentation or, in the case of non - existence of such documents, the development of specific processes for the geometrical, resistant and pathological characterization of the construction;
  • well-taken care "in situ "observation of the construction, enabling the hand mapping of the observed abnormalities that, later on, will be object of a symbolic reproduction made on specific drawings;
  • when it justifies, the development of a full structural analysis, taking the maximum of the remaining capacity of the construction, in order to better evaluate the stability and security levels and how dangerous is the pathological scene;
  • finally, redaction of a conclusive and objective technical note, with the clear identification of the genesis of the pathology and suggesting some rehabilitation procedures that eventually may be needed.

During these years, LEB has developed this particular Business Domain both for the recent constructions, in reinforced concrete, steel and wood, and for the ancient ones, structuralized on different types of masonry walls.

The works that had been developed in this Domain consists not only in the analysis of the structural body but also on the evaluation of other components of the construction, from those directly affected by any structural movement, such walls and opening frames to those that, on the other hand, are protective to the resistant elements, such waterproof systems, wall plasters and paintings.

The Business Domain of Consulting on Constructions Performance Analysis also includes the activities related to the Quality control and the Evaluation of Conformity in the use of Products and Systems for the Civil Construction.